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for all those who want to be heard:

we're listening...

.:for those who love to hate, and hate to love:.
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Ok. This community is quite simple:

It's solely devoted to bitching, complaining, and showing the complete stupidity of your parents, guardians, and I'll even allow family members.


1. If you are quoting a conversation between said people please BOLD the person(s) names.

2. Even though everyone will constantly be bitching in this community, do NOT judge the person to be immature because they are complaining. You do it too. Everyone does it. Get over yourself.

3. Although we all love to hate our parents sometimes, deep down most of us love them. So this is for venting purposes. Just because I may write how much of an asshole my dad is, doesn't mean that I want him dead.

mamanda is the creater/moderator of this community.

disportraited is also a moderator ^^