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I have not the words. [Aug. 14th, 2003|01:35 pm]
.:for those who love to hate, and hate to love:.


[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |the air conditioner]

Gee, for someone who said she was slimming down on problems with her parents, I sure am becoming the ONLY poster.

ANYway...so long story short, I forget my lunch, call Mum who works less than a block away, she decides she wants Hopkins (delicious sandwich place) and will pay, during lunch hour we find we are the only ones left in our respective offices, I am starving and have to wait til 1. Fast forward to 1. I call Mum. Her boss isn't back yet. I don't expect mine back for hours, either of them. She says call in the order anyway. I do. 1:35pm she comes in here "Alison?" "LUNCH?!?!?" "Where did Hopkins move to?" "...PUBLIX!!!!!" "In with Publix? Oh...I went to their OLD place..."


WOMAN! You went to the website with the menu, you saw the location of the store! Your daughter is very hungry and needs to eat for medical reasons! Nnnnngh! She's out there now, hopefully getting our freaking food already -.-V

Well, Amanda SAID I could post instances of my parents' stupidity, even if they aren't being awful.

EDIT: 1:54pm...sweet food. *SNARF*